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Leah R. Luck, DDS

Chat with me about: Oral health, of course! Cooking, yoga, running, fishing, football, horse-racing, and curly hair woes.

Favorite local eatery: Napa. I’ve never met a salad on their menu that I didn’t love.

My happy place: My kitchen. I love making meals for the people I love, and hosting parties just because.

Best advice I was ever given: Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.

What's your guilty pleasure? Peanut butter by the spoonful. You know you do it too.

What do you love about yourself? I have a zest for life and a drive that won’t quit. I was born with a decisive YOLO spirit.

You can find me on the weekend: Eating bacon and eggs, spending quality time with my kiddos, and usually running late to everything else.

When no one is looking, I am: Having yet another sip of coffee and getting dangerously caffeinated.

Why I love my job: I get to meet new people daily, work with my hands, and laugh with my dental team.

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Office Manager

Chat with me about: Teeth, local fishing spots, raising teenagers, God, how to speak Southernese.
Favorite local eatery: Papa Doc’s
My happy place: Carolina Beach, Ocean Isle.
I could listen to this song on repeat: "You make it easy" by Jason Alden.
Best advice I was ever given: “Liquor before beer, Have No Fear. Beer before Liquor, Never sicker.”  Haha!
What's your guilty pleasure? French Toast with powdered sugar andCorned beef hash.
What do you love about yourself? That I am Native American, Catawba Indian. 
You can find me on the weekend: by a fire on the farm with a drink in my hand, playing my tunes.
Go to karaoke song: You are my Sunshine.


Clinical Team Leader

Chat with me about: Anything Michigan related! (It’s where I’m from.) And of course, food and Doodles. Go Blue!
Go-to adult beverage: Pinot Grigio or Vodka soda, extra limes.
Favorite local eatery: Napa or Spice in Kingsley.
Best advice to someone joining the LFD family: You are in the best hands in Fort Mill!! From Dr. Luck to every member of our team, we strive to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for each and every one of our patients.
What's your guilty pleasure? Gummy bears and pizza.
Dream dinner guest:
Justin Timberlake. My biggest crush since I was young.
Why I love my job: I love helping people have a smile they LOVE and want to show off.
When no one is looking I am: probably listening to music and dancing (or attempting to dance lol).


Dental Assistant

Chat with me about: Dying hair or Food! I’m such a foodie I love trying new things and making new dishes.
My happy place: Any beach, but I especially love Bonita Beach in Florida!
I could listen to this song on repeat: "Love on the Brain" by Rihanna
Best Advice I have ever been given: The Serenity Prayer: “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”
What do you love about yourself: love that I am so caring and sympathetic towards others.
Why I love my job: I love the positive energy and how patient everyone is with me while I am still learning.
Latest fad I tried: I did all the hair dying trends. Any color you can imagine I’ve probably put it in my hair.


Scheduling Coordinator

Chat with me about: Scheduling an appointment at Luck Family Dental, questions on your treatment plan, local adventures and mom talk.
Favorite local eatery: Dixie Pig! The *best* chicken and BBQ in town.
My happy place: Anywhere I can put my toes in the sand.
What's your guilty pleasure? Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
What do you love about yourself? I am caring, kind-hearted, a great mom and a loyal friend.
You can find me on the weekend: Spending time with my family, going to the park, or going somewhere fun with my son.
Most memorable moment at LFD: Team building on Lake Wylie last summer! Such an awesome time on the pontoon and a fun experience.



Chat with me about: Dogs, CrossFit, Travel, Ohio State!!
Go-to adult beverage: Cabernet Sauvignon.
My happy place: Anywhere near the water. I love the beach or being out on a boat.
Best advice I was ever given: Don’t ever stop learning or growing as a person.
What do you love about yourself? I love being able to relate to people from all walks of life and making them feel comfortable.
You can find me on the weekend: Outside! Love being on a patio somewhere, hiking at a park, or hanging with my Labradoodle Riley. If it involves being near the water, then that is a bonus!


Insurance Coordinator

Chat with me about: Your dental insurance benefits or best beach to go to!
My happy place: Definitely anything near water. Beach, lake, pool with my favorite drink in my hand.
Find me on the weekends: Either out by the water or spending quality time with the family & porch hanging.
Go-to adult beverage: Either a nice glass of Chardonnay or an ice cold Miller [de]Lite.
Most memorable moment at LFD: The best day on the Lake! Sun, drinks, laughter, and fun. Why I love my job: I get to spend all week with the absolute best work family!
What do I love about myself: I love that I can get along with anyone and chat about whatever comes to mind.



Chat with me about: Renovations, DIYs, home decor, eating, food, trying new restaurants
My happy place: Long car rides with my son Nate. During this time we have long conversations about life and I get to listen to his fears, hopes and dreams. There’s nothing like quality time with him.
Best advice I was ever given: Best advice I’ve been given and try to instill in my children is “Always be kind and treat people like you want to be treated because everyone you meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about!"
What's your guilty pleasure? My guilty pleasure is food! I love to eat and try new things. I enjoy eating out and finding new local restaurants!
What do you love about yourself? What I love about my self is that I am resilient and strong-willed.
You can find me on the weekend: Spending time with my family. They are my priority and mean the world to me.


Dental Assistant

Chat with me about: Spicy food, great places to go hiking, fishing, and all the new flavors of energy drinks.
On the weekends you can find me: Out on the water fishing or sitting on the porch relaxing.
My happy place: The beach, sitting in the sand watching the ocean waves crash.
Best advice I was ever given: “Never be afraid to fail, be afraid to quit.”. This quote is my favorite and one I will not forget reminds me to always keep working hard for future success.
What do you love about yourself: I love that I am a caring and passionate person willing to help others at any time.
Whats the best thing about your job: LFD has taught me so much but one thing is that you can absolutely love your job! I love going into work everyday because my coworkers make the workspace a fun environment something to look forward to each day.
Advice I would give to someone looking to join the LFD family: Trust that we have the most caring and loving staff members who will make you feel like family.

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General & Family Dentistry

The most important thing you can do to help maintain optimal dental health is to schedule regular dental appointments. At Luck Family Dental, we offer preventive care options like fluoride treatments and sealants, along with dental exams to catch any issues early.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you unhappy with your smile? Luck Family Dental can help you correct imperfections that have been keeping you from smiling confidently. We offer bonding and reshaping, veneers, and Invisalign to help our patients achieve the smiles of their dreams.

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Emergency Dentistry

You shouldn’t have to wait for an appointment if you’re experiencing a dental emergency. Luck Family Dental offers same-day appointments as part of our commitment to compassionate, efficient care. Call now to schedule an appointment if you’ve been injured.

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Waiting room at Luck Family Dental

Everything You Need for a Pleasant Visit

Amenities at Luck Family Dental

Your health and comfort are our top priorities at Luck Family Dental. That’s why our office is equipped with everything you’ll need to feel cozy and at home. From the lobby to the operatory, our new office has a laid-back coffee shop vibe, and our friendly team will go above and beyond to make sure your visit with us is positive.

We have kids play area to keep little ones happy and entertained, TVs in the operatories to make sure you’re at ease, and a beverage station to keep you hydrated. If you’re looking for a comfortable dental office in Fort Mill, the Luck Family Dental team would love to meet you! Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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Personalized Care with a Genuine Smile

Our Mission at Luck Family

We feel honored to provide quality dental care to patients in Fort Mill and surrounding areas. We know that dental care isn’t one-size-fits-all, so we take the time to get to know each patient who walks through our door.

Your oral health is our passion, and we want to help you achieve and maintain optimal oral health by offering honest guidance and compassionate, judgement-free treatment. If you’re looking for friendly dental care with a personal touch, give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

Proud Supporter of Girls on the Run

giving back

At Luck Family Dental, we feel honored to offer quality care for patients in Fort Mill, and we also want to give back to our community in other ways. Dr. Luck is a proud sponsor of Girls on the Run Tri County SC, a local non-profit that inspires girls to be joyful, healthy and confident by using a fun curriculum that creatively integrates running. As part of her sponsorship, Dr. Luck volunteers at the biannual Girls on the Run 5K and makes a small donation for every new patient at Luck Family Dental. Give us a call or stop by our office today to learn more about our partnership with Girls on the Run and see how you can get involved!

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