Preventative Dental Care in 
Fort Mill

Maintain a Healthy Smile

at Luck Family Dental

At Luck Family Dental, our Fort Mill family dentists focus on preventive care because we want to help our patients prevent dental issues. Six month check-ups help us catch any dental issues early before they become bigger problems for you and your family.

After receiving routine care, you'll have peace of mind knowing that your smile is as healthy as possible. We offer fluoride treatments, dental sealants, and deep cleanings to keep your mouth happy and healthy. Call us today to schedule an appointment at our brand new Fort Mill, SC location!

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Flouride Treatments

Protect Your Smile at Luck Family Dental

Fluoride treatments provide extra protection for your teeth. Our professional fluoride treatments typically only take a few minutes. During your appointment, Fort Mill family dentist Dr. Luck will cover your teeth with fluoride, a mineral that helps prevent cavities and can even repair teeth in the very early stages of decay. Call us today if you want to protect your smile and prevent cavities with a fluoride treatment!

Maintain Your Dental Health

Are Dental Sealants Worth it?

A dental sealant is a thin, plastic coating that is painted on the chewing surfaces of your teeth to prevent tooth decay. When Dr. Luck applies the sealant, it quickly bonds into the depressions and grooves of the teeth, forming a protective shield over the enamel of each tooth. This treatment keeps bacteria and plaque from forming on your teeth and prevents many common dental health issues. Call our Fort Mill family dental office today if you want to protect your smile!

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Our Metal-Free Practice

Provides Safe, Compassionate Dentistry

As part of our commitment to compassionate care, Luck Family Dental is a metal-free practice. This means that when you need a filling to restore a tooth with a cavity, we use natural-looking composite resin rather than unsightly metal. We want our patients to be confident with their smiles, and we always have your best interest at heart. If you have a cavity, give us a call today to go over your options.

Tooth Extractions

Is My Tooth Infected?

If you have a damaged tooth, Dr. Luck will always try her best to save it and keep it intact with a root canal or another restorative treatment in Fort Mill. However, when a tooth has been badly damaged by decay, infection, or an injury, it may be necessary to remove it.

Signs that your tooth may be damaged or infected are sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, pain while chewing, and grayish coloring of the tooth or inflamed gums. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, contact our family dentist office today to go over your options.

Maintain Healthy Gums

Is Periodontal Treatment Worth It?

According to the American Dental Association, gum disease (periodontal disease) affects nearly half of all Americans. At Luck Family Dental in Fort Mill, SC, we want to help our patients prevent this common dental issue, so we offer scaling and root planing to give your teeth a deep, effective clean.

During this treatment, Dr. Luck will use dental tools to clean between the gumline and the tooth, and smooth out the roots. Call us today to schedule an appointment and take care of your gums!

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Continuity of Care

The Benefits of having a dental home

A “dental home” is the dental office where your children receive the majority of their dental care as they grow up. Choosing to see a Fort Mill children's dentist like Dr. Luck regularly over the years and establishing a dental home has a number of great benefits.

First, your child will become more familiar with the process of going to the dentist. They will feel more comfortable and less anxious because they’ll know what to expect. This is one of the reasons that it’s a good idea to consistently bring your child to the dentist every six months after they turn 1 year old, or after their first tooth erupts.  

In addition, you and your children can develop a real relationship with Dr. Luck and the staff at Luck Family Dental. We’ll get to know you, and the unique challenges that face your children’s oral health. This allows us to provide you with customized care, and helps your child develop better lifelong oral health and hygiene habits.

You’ll also save time and money by avoiding dental issues and keeping your child’s mouth healthy. When you see us consistently for six-month appointments, Dr. Luck will be able to identify potential oral health issues early. Then, we can use preventive treatments like fluoride or dental sealants to keep your child’s smile healthy and strong. 

What should i Expect

At My First Dentist APpointment? 

To begin, one of our hygienists will perform a brief exam of your mouth to ensure that there are no issues that may prevent your teeth from being cleaned. Then, we’ll take x-rays of your mouth in order to identify any hidden oral health issues. After your first appointment, you will usually only need x-rays every 2-3 years.

Next, your hygienist will clean away plaque and tartar from your teeth with specialized dental tools. Then, your teeth will be buffed, polished, and flossed. Dr. Luck will examine your mouth, take a look at your x-rays, and address any issues she finds. If any issues are diagnosed, Dr. Luck will recommend treatment and schedule any further appointments that may be necessary.

How Do I prepare

For My Childs First Dentist Appointment?

Bringing your child to the dentist for a teeth cleaning for the first time? There are a few steps you can take to make the process go more smoothly:

  • First, we recommend scheduling a morning appointment. A well-rested child is less likely to be cranky and anxious!
  • Tell your child the basics about what will happen at the appointment. Let them know that the dentist will be cleaning their teeth and making sure that they are strong and healthy. If your child has questions about what will happen, our dental team can answer them during their appointment.
  • Above all, try to stay positive about your child’s visit. If you don’t seem nervous or anxious, they are less likely to feel these negative feelings. You are welcome to stay in the room with your child during the entire appointment so you can comfort and encourage them as their teeth are cleaned.

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