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If one of your teeth is infected or has been damaged in an accident, you may need root canal therapy to remove damaged tissue and restore your tooth. Root canals from Dr. Luck at Luck Family Dental are minimally-invasive, and with we make it easy for you to stay comfortable throughout your entire appointment.

Fort Mill root canal therapy

What is

Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is a procedure used to clean and disinfect a tooth that has been badly damaged. When the hard enamel and dentin of your tooth is decayed or cracked, the blood vessel and nerve-filled “pulp” can become infected by oral bacteria. This can eventually result in the loss of the affected tooth. A root canal, however, can restore your smile and help you avoid tooth loss. During the procedure, your tooth is opened up, the damaged pulp is removed, and the tooth is capped to prevent further damage and decay.

Do I have

An infected Tooth?

If you think that your tooth may be infected or damaged, there are a few signs and symptoms you should look out for. A serious, prolonged toothache that lasts multiple days is one of the most common signs of an infected tooth. Radiating pain in the jaw and headaches may also occur. You may see swelling and redness around the tooth, and experience increased sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, and pressure when chewing. If you notice one or more of these signs, see Dr. Luck right away for an oral exam.

What can I expect

From a root canal?

The process of root canal therapy is simple and minimally-invasive:

  • First, Dr. Luck will clean your mouth and numb the tooth that will be treated.
  • Damaged and decayed enamel will be removed from the tooth using specialized dental tools.
  • Your tooth will be disinfected and filled with a rubbery substance called “gutta-percha.”
  • A dental crown will be used to cover your tooth and protect its structure from further damage.

Does It Hurt

To Get A Root Canal?

No. Despite what popular culture may have you believe, root canal therapy is a completely painless process at Luck Family Dental. Dr. Luck uses modern techniques and tools to provide minimally-invasive treatment.

We also use numbing injections to completely numb the nerves near the treatment area, ensuring you do not feel any pain or discomfort. And with laughing gas sedation, you can relax and feel more comfortable throughout your treatment.

However, it is important to note that your tooth may be sore and tender after your treatment. Once your numbing wears off, you may feel some discomfort. This is normal, and to be expected. As the tooth and the surrounding area heals, this pain will go away, usually within 3 days at most.

If the pain does not go away or gets worse after this time, this is abnormal. You should contact our family dentist in Fort Mill, SC for a follow-up. It’s possible that some infected material may remain in your tooth.

Root canal in Fort Mill

How Do I Prepare

For A Root Canal?

Root canals are a relatively minor surgery, so you’re not required to take any special steps to prepare for your procedure. However, there are a few things that may make things easier for you.

First, we recommend that you avoid eating a heavy meal within 1-2 hours before your procedure, particularly if you’re choosing to be sedated with laughing gas. Eat something light, and eat at least 2 hours before your appointment at Luck Family Dental. This helps reduce the risk of nausea after your treatment.

Beyond this, we also recommend taking the rest of the day off of work or school, if possible. While you can get back to your normal day-to-day routine right away, having time to rest and recover after your root canal will make the initial recovery process easier.

You also should plan to avoid heavy exercise for the next day or two. Exercising won’t cause any issues with healing or recovery, but it can make your tooth feel more sore and tender, and this can be uncomfortable. So take things easy, and avoid heavy exercise like weightlifting and running.

Do Root Canals

Completely Resolve The Problem?

In most cases, root canals completely eliminate your tooth infection, resolving the problem permanently. Your tooth will remain healthy and strong for years to come as long as you maintain good at-home oral hygiene habits. The overall success rate of root canal therapy is between 95-97% in the short term.

However, there are always exceptions. If your tooth continues to hurt a lot after your procedure, it’s possible that Dr. Luck was not able to completely eliminate the infection. This often occurs if your tooth has hidden canals or other anatomical abnormalities that Dr. Luck may not notice during the initial root canal treatment.

If this happens, a procedure known as “root canal retreatment” may be necessary. Essentially, this is the same process as a standard root canal. Special x-rays may also be taken to look for hidden canals, and to ensure that Dr. Luck can completely eliminate the infection. Then, the tooth will be reopened and cleaned, then filled and sealed.

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