How to Relieve Dental Anxiety

It's quite common for people to postpone scheduling a dentist appointment until the pain becomes unbearable. So many of us suffer from dental anxiety and would rather wait and hope until the last minute rather than sit in the dentist's office. 

But, the assumption that dentist visits are painful is wrong. Here at Luck Family Dental, we’re happy to offer sedation options to ensure your comfort at every visit. 

However, that's not the only way you can cope with dental anxiety. Here's what else you can do to alleviate your fear. 

Ways to Cope with Dental Anxiety:

  • Communication Is Important 

Finding a dentist you can trust is important. That means someone willing to listen to your fears, answer your questions, and reassure you as often as you need that you are in good hands. 

A lot of the time, we get anxious because we don't know what's happening or what to expect. A good dentist should explain what the procedure entails, how it will feel, and what you should expect next. 

  • Laughing Gas Can Help Alleviate Your Fears 

Laughing gas is mild sedation that helps against anxiety and pain during dental procedures. The active component of laughing gas slows down the nervous system, relaxing the patient and making them feel calm during the dental process.

  • Get Distracted 

Many dental offices use television or music to provide distractions to patients. This can keep your mind off what the dentist is doing, making it easier to reduce anxiety. Let your dentist know what soothes you and focus on that while they work your dental problems.

  • Bring Company 

Have a family member or a friend go with you, at least for the first visits until you see how the practice is, know the doctor and learn about what treatment you need. Feeling safe during dental visits by having someone close to you also helps reduce anxiety and builds trust with your doctor.

  • Explore Other Sedation Options

Talk to your dentist about what sedation options they have and determine what best suits you based on your concerns and the treatment you need to follow. There are options such as anxiety-relieving medication, conscious sedation, or general anesthesia.

  • Other Methods 

You can combine different methods that you know work for you. Breathing exercise, finding a signal to let your dentist know when it’s too overwhelming, guided imagery, meditation, or any other method you know helps you relax, and it is possible to do in a dentist’s office.

Find A Warm and Stress-Free Environment at Luck Family Dental 

At Luck Family Dental, we are working hard to help you feel as comfortable as possible. Dr. Leah R. Luck, DDS, approached her practice focusing on combining family dentistry, quality dental work, and superior patient experience.

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