Need An Emergency Dentist? Choose Luck Family Dental!

Dental emergencies are inconvenient, painful, and uncomfortable. Whether you experience a Fort Mill dental emergency like a crown or filling that has fallen out, or if your child suffered from a dental injury during a contact sport or a slip and fall, it’s important to get help quickly to ensure the best results.

At Luck Family Dental in Fort Mill, we specialize in emergency dentistry. Dr. Luck has years of experience treating patients of all ages. Our team can restore your mouth after an injury or severe damage, and we’ll get you back to your normal, day-to-day life.  

Recognizing A Dental Emergency – What Counts?

We define a dental emergency as any problem that is causing you serious pain or discomfort, that you cannot treat at home.

That means that dental injuries, like knocked out or damaged teeth, count as dental emergencies. Other emergencies include things like infected teeth that are causing a toothache, advanced cases of gum disease, or damaged dental work like fillings, bridges, and crowns.

If you’re not sure if you have an emergency, it’s best to schedule an appointment with our Fort Mill dentist anyway, to ensure that your mouth is healthy and free of any major issues.

Get Immediate Care For The Best Results!

Some dental emergencies, like knocked out teeth, require immediate treatment for the best results. As a general rule, it’s always best to get treatment as soon as you can for all dental emergencies in order to reduce your pain and discomfort, and ensure your tooth can be saved. Try not to wait more than 12 hours to see a dentist if you are in pain.

We Offer Same-Day Appointments And Walk-Ins

Dr. Luck always keeps an appointment or two open for walk-ins, and for patients who call for same-day visits over the phone. This ensures that you can always get treatment for a dental emergency when it’s convenient for you.

Luck Family Dental – We’re Dedicated To Your Comfort And Convenience

We use the latest dental technology and non-invasive techniques for treatment, and we take an informative, patient-focused approach to dentistry. We have sedation options available, and our caring and kind staff will help you stay comfortable, even during a dental emergency.

When you come in with a dental emergency, we’ll help you understand all of your options for treatment, and select the option that’s best for your needs, your budget, and your particular situation.

Come To Luck Family Dental Now – Get The Treatment You Need!

Whether you are experiencing a dental emergency, or your child needs treatment for a dental injury, Dr. Luck can help! At Luck Family Dental, we provide same-day emergency care in Fort Mill. We can handle just about any dental emergency at our office, from knocked-out teeth to toothaches, damaged dental work, gum disease and more.

Contact us now for an appointment at (803) 548-6370, or come by our office at 342 Patricia Lane, Suite 101, Fort Mill, SC 29708, and we’ll do our best to squeeze you in as soon as possible.

We Offer a $59 Emergency Exam and X-ray Special!

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